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How to Kiss

People show love and affection in various ways but the following are the major ones; giving prizes, giving help and assistance, using kind terms, kissing, working together and showing gratitude. In this article, we shall look at kissing. During kissing, two people touch each other’s lips using their own lips. Kissing may also involve pressing your lips against an object such as a rosary. In other setups, kissing can also show greetings, good luck, devotion, romance, peace, and friendship. French kiss, vampire kiss, earlobe kiss and hand on the kiss ate the common romantic kisses. Preparations are very important before kissing. In order to have a good kiss, you should follow the following steps.

First, show that you are interested in kissing by dropping some hints. It is inappropriate to ask for a kiss directly since signs and hints work effectively. Looking at your partner’s lips shows that you are interested in kissing. You can also tell your partner that his/her lips look attractive. In order to have smooth lips, you should use a lip balm and drink a lot of water. Bad breath should be avoided by having some mints. You should chew the mint and the gum appropriately in order to avoid spitting it awkwardly.

Breaking the barrier is another step in kissing. By breaking the barrier, you will be able to test the waters. In order to determine if your partner is interested in kissing, please kiss his/her hand or cheek. If you partner reacts positively to the kiss, you should go ahead for the mouth kiss. In case your partner reacts negatively, you should not go for the mouth kiss.

In kissing, you should also employ compliments. Compliments will ensure that you set the right mood. Giving sincere compliments will force your partner to take the lead and initiate the kiss. Please use a romantic way when giving the compliments. A low volume and a good tone are very effective. The following are some examples of good compliments; “Your smile looks good,” “You are attractive,” and “You have nice lips.”

If the above steps have yielded nothing, you should request for a kiss. If your hints and signs have not worked, go ahead and request for a kiss. Find the best words you should use to request for a kiss.

The final step is to do the kissing. In case you are given a go-ahead, you should not waste time but kiss your partner. You should use the best kissing techniques in order to establish a good connection. By moving closer, leaning in, kissing appropriately and react calmly afterward, you will emerge a good kisser.

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